November 14, 2022
Card & Envelope Printable Template thumbnail

———-| Overview |———-
This includes both the Square Shadow Box Card and 3D Envelope. Use this as the base for creating unlimited shadow box cards that will stand out!

———-| Item Specs |———-
Using the default size included on 12″ x 12″ paper will yield a card/envelope with the dimensions below. This design can be scaled down for 8.5″x11″ paper in your cutting machine software but will yield a smaller box.

Width: 5.6″
Height: 5.6″
Depth: .8″

If scaling smaller make sure to adjust the card and envelope together to retain their compatibility.

———-| Instructions |———-

Machine Cut with Scoring Tool:
1, There will be 2 layers in the SVG cut file. Change the top layer to “Score” and leave the bottom layer as “Cut”. If you are not using the scoring tool, you can delete the layer with the score lines and do this manually.
2, Attach both items.
3, Make it!

Machine Cut without Scoring Tool:
1, Load the file marked as ‘Perforated’ into your cutting software
2, Cut the design per usual, no tool aside from the fine point blade is required, the design is made with build-in perforation marks along the folds.

Assembly videos for each item can be found on my social networks, though these designs are very intuitive.

———-| Files |———-
These files will download in a compressed/zipped folder. You must be able to unzip a compressed folder in order to use this item. This software is likely already installed on your PC and you will simply need to right-click the folder and select “Unzip” or “Extract”.

File Types Included:

Design by : Hey JB Design