November 13, 2022
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High Content & E-Book Bulk Data Research 9000 Niches keywords With Statistics

I’ve been working as an amazon researcher for the last five years. I have all amazon researching tools. from my experience, I create this bundle for you guys.
this extensive list will help you to pick up your following Design. This data is well researched and very detailed. in this file, you will get all types of niches like:
Story Book
Kids Book
Recipes and Cookbook
Guide book and more

This bundle is enough for creating books for the next few years.
everyone must have this bundle for book ideas and niches
This list is for niche ideas generate. All Keywords data include each keyword. all books result in around 500, so you can find some good niches from this list.
Keywords with statistics for low and high content books. This data will help you to select niches and upload books on Amazon KDP.
this file includes excels file with more than 9,000+ keywords and niches you can use this file as keywords and you can also you as niches ideas.

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