September 27, 2022
Mini Vinyl Record and Album Template thumbnail

———-| Overview |———-
This mini vinyl record and sleeve fold from a flat sheet of US letter paper, multiple sleeves can be made from a single sheet. I make great use of my scrap paper with this template since it requires a small amount of paper to make.

The record top is scored to add texture.

This listing included files to make the vinyl records AND sleeves. The milk crate shown in the photos is sold separately and can be found in my shop

———-| Item Specs |———-
Using the default size included on US letter paper will yield a 1.2″ square sleeve. Glue is required to hold the sleeve together.

The record is 1.1″ in diameter. There is a smaller circle included in the template to glue on top of the record, if desired.

———-| Instructions |———-
This design is easy to assemble and will go together very quickly.

Fold the two tabs on the record sleeve inward and glue them onto the ‘back’. Glue the ‘label’ on top of the record. All done!

I have included a screenshot for which layers are intended to be scored in your design software. This part could be tricky for some, as it requires grouping/ungrouping/attaching.

———-| Files |———-
These files will download in a compressed/zipped folder. You must be able to unzip a compressed folder in order to use this item. This software is likely already installed on your PC and you will simply need to right-click the folder and select “Unzip” or “Extract”.

Also included are instructions for how to Score then Cut in Cricut Design Space (if you are unfamiliar). These instructions are from a different listing so the screenshots do not match exactly, but the concept is the same.

Files Included:

Design by : Hey JB Design