October 7, 2022
Orchid Paper Flower Template thumbnail

———-| Overview |———-
Create a mini orchid and planter with this instant download template!

———-| Item Specs |———-
Orchid: 2.5″H x 1.5″W
Planter: 1″H x 1″W

———-| Instructions |———-
Let your cutting machine do the work and then assemble the design for a quick and easy craft.

1, Cut the pieces on your cutting machine. There is a single strip for the stems and a group of pieces to make 6 orchid flowers and 6 orchid buds (you only need 6 flowers or buds, but mix and match however you like).
2, To make the orchid flower: Glue the 3 flower pieces together from largest to smallest).
3, To make the orchid bud: scrunch together the 4 petals of the single piece (only 1 piece has 4 points).
4, Glue each flower/bud to a stem (6 total). Note that the buds are intended to be glue BELOW the stem and flowers on TOP.
5, Use a pen or quilling tool to roll the strip in the direction of the arrow.

———-| Files |———-
These files will download in a compressed/zipped folder. You must be able to unzip a compressed folder in order to use this item. This software is likely already installed on your PC and you will simply need to right-click the folder and select “Unzip” or “Extract”.

File Types Included:

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Design by : Hey JB Design