November 16, 2022
Palm Tree Template | Mini DIY Activity thumbnail

———-| Overview |———-
This mini fan palm is super easy to make and so handy to use for all of your 3d crafts! It requires only 65 lb cardstock and craft glue. I added a touch of bleach to my palm leaves for a pop of color – try it out (safely!)

Tutorial video can be found on my Youtube, @heyjbdesign

———-| Item Specs |———-
Palm Tree: 3.5″W x 3″H
Planter: 1″H x 1″W

———-| Instructions |———-
This design is very straightforward. Please refer to the video for assembly guidance, as well as the instructions below.

Design Space Instructions:
1, Ungroup all 4 layers
2, Set top layer operation to Score
3, Select both the top layer and second layer, then “Attach” (this is the leaves and score lines)
4, Make it!

Palm Tree Assembly:
1, Fold each palm leaf in a zig-zag pattern and set aside
2, Lay the brown/bark piece flat, then place a couple dots of glue above and below the circle cutout. You do not need to glue the whole piece as it will cause wrinkles when rolling.
3, Adhere the larger green (branches) piece on top so that the circle cutout overlap.
4, Pinch/fold the end of each of the 6 branches to create a surface to glue the palm leaves.
5, Glue one tab from the base of the palm leaf to each side of the pinched branch from the previous step.
6, Use a quilling tool or pen to roll the plant from left to right, in the direction of the arrow. Glue to seal.

Wrap and glue the long rectangle to form a cylinder. I have included multiple planter templates in the design files so you can choose the one you like best, but the assembly concept for each is the same.

———-| Files |———-
These files will download in a compressed/zipped folder. You must be able to unzip a compressed folder in order to use this item. This software is likely already installed on your PC and you will simply need to right-click the folder and select “Unzip” or “Extract”.

File Types Included:

Design by : Hey JB Design