November 15, 2022
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Gift big box Tarot svg dxf pattern for laser cut, laser file, engraving laser plan. Glowforge project files. Original, unique product design will help you create a stunning gift or product for your store. Universal Product! It can be made from plywood (as in the photo), cardboard or other material. Additionally, painting in your favorite colors, you will receive an exclusive gift, well, just a gorgeous thing!

Tarot cards are not included, only the box! Files for cutting 3mm thick are included. When assembling, you must use glue!

The photographs show a box made of 3 mm plywood with dimensions:
Height – 200 mm (7.9 inches).
Width – 165 mm (6.5 inches).
Thickness – 61 mm (2.4 inches).

Inner dimensions for 3 mm thick material:
Height – 187 mm (7.4 inches).
Width – 102 mm (4 inches).
Thickness – 55 mm (2.2 inches).
Largest part size 200×346 mm (7.9×13.65 inches) and 471×62 mm (18.6×2.5 inches).
There is a file option where the Largest part size 200×346 mm (7.9×13.65 inches) and 236×62 mm (9.3×2.5 inches).

The files contain drawings for the manufacture of a box from a material 3 mm thick. For cutting plywood, cardboard or other material. Our vector images are available in 6 formats ready to use. Formats: SVG, PDF, CDR, AI (CS5), EPS and DXF. There are 6 files in total. Pay attention to the file type you need for your machine and the details in the pictures. Some images may not be compatible with your cutting unit. Please make sure this file type is supported by your device or software before purchasing. If you need this file in any other format, just email me.

Simple and clear assembly. Very cute Tarot box, you will love it :). Glue is used for assembly!

Design by : VectorBY